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Here are few mini-games that you may play online.

This is real adult content so please, if you are underage, leave it be and don'try this links.

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These games may be broken. I am sure, that you can encounter errors anytime because these games are originally created for PC and engine Ren'Py Web is still in beta. If you really have possibility to play it on PC, please use download section where most of them are already stored.

Many author’s names leads to their Patreon pages (or other available website if they haven’t patreon page - patreon icon don't change anyway). Don’t forget to pay visit authors link before you download their stuff. I really recommending it so you can’t miss their other projects or bugfixes etc. I reserve the right to not include link to author's page.

Name Author Author's description MOD Play Now!
Meowhalla 1.0 Facesit Inc. Game Studio What can be better than cat girls? Only cat girls—Vikings! Meet the visual novel that will tell you an awesome story about cat girl intrigues in the outskirts of Valhalla.
You as an ordinary human arrive in the suburb of Valhalla named the Threshold, which acts like a purgatory for human warriors. You discover that the Threshold is ruled by the Disir sisters, a mysterious kind of creatures that look like human girls with cat ears and tails. You are involved in the disturbing times when the forces of the undead plan to invade Asgard. Only you and Disir can save Valhalla, or are you going to use this opportunity to create chaos and prioritize your own ambitions?​
My Catgirl Maid Thinks She Run The Place (2D) 1.0 Uncle Artie “My Catgirl Maid Thinks She Runs The Place” is a slice of life comedy with a little heart thrown in for good measure.
In this rejected fairy tail romance, our heroes, a depressed mid-20s office worker and an energetic catgirl from another world named Cynthia, begin their life together in a small one bedroom apartment. Shenanigans ensue.
Over time, the two grow closer and closer but as Cynthia’s past comes more to light, the two’s relationship is called into question. Can they overcome the trial or will their hearts forever be worlds apart?​
Nya! 1.0 Recreation A guy get's an unexpected visitor (This is a mini game, don't expect much story/content).​ NONE
Rise and Shine 1.0 Sexville Games Sometimes waking up in the morning seems to be nothing more than just a routine. Maybe you want to sleep in or don’t want to get out of bed. Whatever it is, sometimes waking up could be a nice surprise. Well, you just have to see for yourself…? NONE
The Reunion Patron ver. 1.0 OrbOrigin After the breakup between you and your girlfriend you receive a phone call from your old buddy from grade school. He wants to meet up at the local bar and you're thrill to meet him again. However, an unexpected turn of event occurs when you're introduced into someone new... yet very old.​ NONE

For Developers:

If you have any problem with me distributing your stuff here, please contact me via PM on F95ZONE so we can speak things out. Otherwise shut up and enjoy spreading your (modded) games to more people for free :-D

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Bestiality, Gay, Gore, Humiliation, Netori, Prostitution, Rape, Real porn, Tentacles, Urination, Violence, Vore, etc...

"I-patch" is only one of few more or less tolerated content tags. I don't discriminate gays or lesbians and I also don't judge other deviations, but that doesn't meant that I want this type of games on my web. That's all. Thanks for understanding.