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About website

This is my personal archive of favorite games. I uploaded them for anyone who is intersted in playing them with modifications I included. Many of these games are uploaded as they are distributed on another sites or with slight modifications. Some of these games have included I-patch (I), walkthrougth mod (WT) or other mods for better experience. In some cases I extended the description with my comments to increase interest. If you don't like what you see, you are free to leave and never come back... ;-)

I also created few mods by myself, but I'm not proud enough to share them all by now, so the list have not that much entry.

I know, that some authors may hate me for broke their code and unlock certain things meant preferably for patrons, but I can't help myself. And when the final release of game come out, I just want look into code and see what other players missing. If there is anyting you may do, then you do it, for fuck sake. All the people who want support developer on patreon or other sites do it anyway. I really don't want steal authors money. I'm doing this for free without any interest in your money. Beside that, looking at code of other developers improve my own. And believe me or not, look at code of others and unlock certain stuff is not that hard for someone who know what is looking for and how to decompile it. Open documentation and tools like UnRen helping a lot.

For example: Some people like to replace codes with hashes to make things harder (and earn some money from patreon). The example is Harem Hotel 0.12+ where Runey started using hashes. Now, when you looking for codes, you first decompress packs and decompile binaries (both will do UnRen in two steps) and then simply edit newly created .RPY files to replace hashes with proper codes. Be careful, because any error may broke your game. One missing character is enough to broke game, so save backup files, because when you run game executable, Ren'Py compile your .RPY files into binaries, overwrite existing .RPYC files and then there is no way back.

Background images

Following images with very dark background are my work. You may recognize them just by looking at top of them since they have common elements like website URL on left top corner and demon face on right top corner. That face is something I may explain later. Basically it's demon side of MC from my story, used as avatar for few forums etc. But I prefer to use Arieseva's, Foxy's or Sandra's image as profile even if I'm guy This have reason: it's more photogenics than both, my real face and this demonic one :-D

This table contain some spoilers about girls. Don't forget that these girls are just prototypes. Appearance of characters may change anytime and description may be edited too to fit role.

Name Race Age Description
Succubus 19 You see young and "innocent" succubus. After MC, she is most powerful and dangerous person you can encounter, but thanks to her good-hearted personality you will hopefully never see that part of her. Once you know her, you must love her. She also never wear any underwear, but you can't recognize that either from these shots here. Do you see her angry on that photo? No, she's not. It's her pose, because she don’t like nekos that much.
Kitsune 21 Foxy is cute black haired girl with fox personality and few additions from their species. She is unbelievable smart. If you are able make working relationship between MC and her, you have sexiest and smartest friend ever. But be warned, don't you dare to believe her all what she say to you… While she is playful, she may be also very dangerous at some point.
Neko 19 Lili is tall Neko, one of minority species in your world. For now you know only two things. First: She is hot, sexy and love pink color. And second: She hidding something important from you. What it is? And why she don't believe you? Who knows. Sometimes just shit happens. But now you know that will not be for long. You must manage convice her to believe you...
Neko 18 About this one… Hm, she is a little bit mystery. Lucy love red color, probably for obvious reason. Her hair and fur have the same color as her favorite clothes. It’s little scary though, but only on first sight. She may act nervous, sometimes she may be angry, but despite her hotheaded nature she always quickly calm down… Someone can call her "moody bitch", but truth has been said. Nekos are very moody creatures itself. And Demon Breeds are more like tornado when they gets angry.
Neko 19 What to say about my lovely Sandra. She is sweetheart. And sometimes pretty evil with her pranks, but she is one of best friends you can have. And maybe something more… Yeah, no spoilres allowed. Sorry, Fucker. Let's say something about her eyes. Her left eye is supposed to be her Demon half. I'm not sure about it. For me it's just some random mutation. Even if it may look like scary thing for someone who don't know her enough.
Elf 147 You see shy elf maid. Yes, elf. And no, it's not her real name, but who cares. Her real name will be unspeakable for you anyway. She alone choosen that name. So be it. It's really your maid, not fucking slave, so treaten her with respect that she deserves. She is much older than you. You know that shit about old soul in young body etc… So yeah, that's her. She will probably outlive your grandchildrens. For her age she is still pretty young. It makes equality to 20 years old human girl.

Other images (if any of them are used) are work of authors from permissions page.

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