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Are you sure that this adress is what you are looking for? Well, I am sure that if here was any content, it's not here anymore.

Site move

Due to moving site to newly created server here are some issues with certificates that I must solve. You may still browse site and download or play games. Only thing that may bother you is missing HTTPS. I try to solve this issue as fast as possible.


Content update

There are some news about reworking content etc since I upgrading my server hardware to more suitable piece.

  • Beta - "unfinished", "abandoned", "onhold"... It doesn't mater anymore. I start with uploading this type of stuff so they can be downloadable after a while when officially dissapear from original sources. I hope that this one will be helpful for people who, like me, are looking for this type of stuff.
  • Website - I'm working hard on replacement for this website. Sadly I'm not a fan of CMS and databases and use simplicity instead of comfort so after a while my code is mess that need some work.
  • Downloads - Working on new download script that allows to limit download speed when network is overloaded so you still can download your game, but more people can download simultaneously and website and other services will be available too. When there are less people downloading, you will have higher download speed.


Site replaced with simplified version with only PHP + CSS + JS. Now I'm rewriting my scripts, uploading some tools for administration and updating other shits like fucking bootstrap that allows me to work with "advanced styling". Not sure about that last piece. I think that it's bullshit, but I'm starting feel too lazy to write something more.

Repair list

Stuff that does not working properly / not implemented yet:

  • Sidebar - Need to add working sidebar to site ASAP. I created temporary solution visible on left side if you have resolution at least 800x600. You still don't see all of it if you have resolution lowest than 1024x768. :-D Well, I hope you have. Low resolution screens are not good for you eyes. :-D
  • Responsive menu - The "hamburger" menu doesn't work properly. Halfway repair done, but it still looks ugly in some cases. And what's worse, it doesn't work on my BlackBerry Passport :-(
  • Top menu - Alignment is repaired, I just needed rewrite whole script. :-D I really hate Bootstrap...


While I repacking all the games to self-extracting archives for windows users, I doesn't forgot about linux users. You still may rename the EXE file to ZIP and extract content manually. Same thing is for windows users who doesn't trust self-extracting archives. Just rename file extension to ZIP and open / extract it with your favorite extractor. Many of them already recognize header and open file without problems. Still I recommending using some sort of file manager other than explorer. I believe that most users know about

Total Commander or Altap Salamander

But if not, try one of these two. They have compressing / decompressing tools inside and many more functions to play with. Just be sure that you don't delete something important :-D These tools are prety powerful and you may delete even system files if you aren't careful.