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Usualy I'm not the one who asking for permissions for using others stuff, but this time I just followed my good side and asked few well-known developers for permissions to use some of their work on this website.

Question was something like this: "Hello, may I ask you for permissions to use your images from game XXX on my website as background and as stuff related to your game?"

I must say that I really don't know how to ask this question like as legal thing, so I just put that simply and as nice as my demon half can. :-D First few responses were positive so I tried again and now I'm waiting for answers.

Permissions gained from:

  • Alorth - Radiant, Neko Paradise - for mentioning source / link.
  • Funbag - Monster Slums - I have permissions as long as I mention the source.
  • Killer7 - My New Family & My New Memories - I guess that I have permissions to use images from both games
  • N2TheFire - Serenity - I already have permissions for images from Serenity 0.8 (day 8) and earlier.
  • Recreation (Bad Memories) - permission gained for link & credit.
  • Runey - Harem Hotel - only wanted to see when and what images I add and where exactly. Also here is this thing with mentioning source.

Waiting for permissions from:

  • Noone for now.

Of course I ask other developers for permissions to use their work here when time come to it. For now I am sure that this is more than I can use.

All content from these authors is copyrighted by them. I have rights to use images and edit them when needed (crop / resize / convert to another format).

Currently used images

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